A few of the lovely thank you messages.............

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Joan and I want to express our sincere gratitude for the beautiful service you conducted for mum's funeral. You captured and conveyed mum's uniqueness and aspects of her life so well. In doing so, you helped us celebrate her years of long life and enabled us to mourn her passing and let go. The ceremony felt healing and uplifting. Thank you so much for your generosity of time, coming over to Failsworth and for guiding us so compassionately through the day. We will always remember you and your deep kindness. With love Linda Hanson & Joan Slattery." Joan Davison, 8th October 2018. 

 Thank you card: "Dear Patricia, What a wonderful tribute you gave to Alan, people were approaching us after the service to say how uplifting it was and what a tribute you gave to a man you had never met. Thanks again, Cath & Ian Holcroft." Alan Holcroft, Middleton Crematorium 19th September 2018. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Just to say thank you so much for a truly memorable service you gave to my husband Allan at Rochdale Crematorium. You gave everyone comfort, love and laughter at a difficult time. Kind Regards, Jean Ashworth & Family." Allan Ashworth, Rochdale Crematorium 20th September 2018. 

Email: "Dear Trish, On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for your lovely service for our Mam. It was personal and touching and even made us laugh in parts - your service was very fitting and you talked about Mam in the same way we would - thank you very much Trish Lynne Lomax." Lillian Lomax, Rochdale Crematorium 25th September 2018. 

Thank you card: "To Rev Patricia. I am sending you this to say thank you for a wonderful service. It meant so much to me, you made it very special. Everybody said what a great send off and I really thank you for that. From John Gibson family Jean, Amanda and Danny." John Gibsn, Rochdale Crematorium 18th September 2018. 

Thank you card: "To Trish, Thank you for making a hard day so much easier with the wonderful service you gave for Alan. All the people I have spoken to since had nothing but praise for you. Thank you Sheila Taylor." Alan Shackleton, Rochdale Crematorium 25th July 2018.

Email: "On behalf of myself and the rest of the family we just wanted to express our gratitude for the service you conducted yesterday. It was a really nice service and you managed to capture what my grandma was all about in the short meeting we had on Friday. We had lots of nice comments about yourself and how you managed to put a personal touch to the service without ever meeting my grandma. The family would like to extend our thanks to you in what was a very emotional and upsetting time. Your words brought a lot of comfort to us all. Kindest Regards, Andrew." Mrs Margaret Fitton, Hollinwood 23rd July 2018. 

Thank you card: "Thank you so much Patricia for the wonderful service at our mum's funeral. You did a smashing job! My mum would be proud especially the "Brown Eyed Girl" part. It was a fitting end to a lovely service. Thanks X. Linsey, Trisha & Arthur." Lorraine Wilson, Heywood Chapel 13th July 2018. 

Email: "Hi Trish, Just to say thank you so much for the beautiful service you conducted for our mum last Monday. I was so pleased at how well everyone recieved the eulogy and identified bits that were meaningful to them. Mike for sure appreciated the comments about what mum could do with computers. Unlike many funeral gatherings that I have attended there was little reminiscence amongst the family which I personally missed. So for me, your eulogy served as an essential reflection and celebration of mum's life. I was so pleased that just the right tone was achieved and that the tears shed were of appreciation of having had such a special person in our lives. Not only are you a caring person Trish - you have a remarkable talent of drawing out and then sharing wonderful memories in a deeply personal way. I do not believe that this is an easy thing to do, but you make it seem so. Again - thank you - you have made my mum's funeral a day that I will always remember with a smile. Kindest Regards, Claire." Beryl Hanley, Blackley Crematorium 25th June 2018. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, We wanted you to know how much we appreciated the service you gave for our beloved dad Barry Wild. You were so kind and sympathetic and your service brought us great comfort at such a difficult time. Take care Trish, thank you so much, love Laura Burton and Darren Wild and families." Barry Wild, Hollinwood Crematorium 20th June 2018. 

Thank you card: "With Many Thanks Trish from the family of Lilian Salthouse for the Celebration of Life reading - it was lovely and very fitting - described mum really well. Thank you so much. Josie and Brian." Lilian Salthouse, Rochdale Crematorium 18th June 2018. 

Thank you card: "Just a short note to say a 'Big Thank You' for the lovely service you gave us. It was very personal and touching and even funny. "Thank You". The copy of the service was a great idea, from personal experience it's difficult to take anything in when you're grieving and attending the funeral of someone close to you. So, it was good to have the chance to read through the service at our leisure. I'm sure Paul would have loved the poem that you read (At the Pavillion End). "Thank You Very Much." Paul & Alison Hearne." Howard Paul Hearne, Rochdale Crematorium 22nd May 2018. 

Thank you card: "Thank you so much for making Barrymore's celebration of life just perfect. Couldn't have wished for anything better. When we came out of the crem people were saying it was the best funeral they had ever been to! To hear them just made it so special and a time to remember with smiles! Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so brilliantly. Thanks also to your hubby for supporting you and making it possible. Love and hugs Lynda, Amieleigh and Ellysia." Barrymore Howarth, Rochdale Crematorium 11th May 2018. 

 Thank you card: "Dear Patricia, Just a few words to thank you for such a beautiful service you did for Derek on Friday 27th @ Hollinwood Crematorium. We certainly gave him a beautiful send off. Best regards, Lorna, Paul and Aileen." Derek Shaw, Hollinwood Crematorium 27th April 2018. 

 Thank you card: "TRISH, Thank you for making us smile on a sad day. Perfect. My mum would have loved it. Rodger." Alice Nicholson, Rochdale Crematorium 12th March 2018. 

Thank you email: "Hi Trish, On behalf of all of us we just wanted to say a huge thank you for your beautiful service yesterday. You were incredibly warm and showcased nanna's life beautifully. Thanks for all your help. Kirsty and the Walkers." Marjorie Walker, Rochdale Crematorium 14th March 2018. 

Thank you card: "To Patricia, Just a note to say thank you for such an amazing service for our mum Joan Turner. Everyone commented on how wonderful it was. Thank you again. Gemma, Michael, & Jane Turner." Joan Turner, Rochdale Cremtorium 23rd February 2018. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Just a line to say thank you from all the family for the lovely service you conducted for my mother-in-law on Monday 8th January. Regards, Pat Pedder." Daphne Pedder, East Lancashire Crematorium, 8th January 2018.

Thank you card: Dear Trish. I am writing to thank you for conducting the funeral service for my dad Ronald Calvert. You conducted it in a sensitive but humerous way which took away some of the sadness of the occasion. Your interpretation of my thoughts was excellent although I do not remember telling you all of that information, but Geoff assured me that I did. I have placed the flowers on my mum's plot and they are standing up well to the weather, Regards Christine." Ronald Calvert, Rochdale Crematorium 5th December 2017. 

Letter: "Dear Trish. Thank you so much for presiding over Barbara's Celebration of Life Ceremony on Monday 4th December. I felt you conveyed her zest for life, her vibrant personality and her love. It was in character and tastefully done. Thank you for your compassion and feeling. Yours faithfully, M. Campbell." Barbara Campbell, Overdale Crematorium, Bolton 4th December 2017.  

Email: "Dear Trish, on behalf of Lisa, Philip and myself I wanted to thank you so very much for your wonderful service at dad's funeral. We all appreciated the sincerity and warmth with which you delivered your eulogy, guiding us through such a spectrum of emotions with your kind and thoughtful words. With warm wishes Mike, Lisa & Philip." Michael O'Connor, Middleton Crematorium 16th November 2017.  

Thank you card:  You did something lovely and it really meant a lot. "Thank you for the lovely service you gave for Doris. It was much appreciated by her family and friends. Love Arthur & Jean." Doris Statham, Heywood Cemetery Chapel 26th October 2017. 

Email: "Hello Patricia. On behalf of the family I thank you again for probably the best service I have ever been to. The family and Craig's friends on social media are still talking about you and about how professionlly, yet personally you conducted yourself. I must admit you have made me get out my bible, blow off the dust and read it again. You reminded me that there is still love in the world and even in the saddest of days there is always a reason to smile and for that I thank you. So again thank you for making the day so special." Kirk (Craig's sister Lindsay's partner). Craig Hollowood, Hollinwood Crematorium 11th July 2017. 

Thank you card & gift: "Dear Trish, Thank you for the fantastic service for my father Adrian Booth. You really captured the very essence of him. Everyone expressed how on the mark you 'got him' and what a really good service & funeral it was. Definitely a celebration of his life. Many thanks, Mark and Yvonne Booth." Adrian Booth, Rochdale Crematorium 16th June 2017. 

Thank you card & gift: "Dear Trish, Thank you for the wonderful service you gave last Friday. It helped to get us through a very difficult day. We love your particular brand of humour and wit set in a context of immovable dignity. Your words helped to smooth certain troubled waters and we are most grateful. Kind Regards Peter & Catherine Yates." Joyce Hughes, Hollinwood Crematorium 26th May 2017. 

Thank you card: "To Trish, Just to say thank you for your kindness and huge support, you are amazing, and I love you. Love Yvonne & family." Patricia Dore, Blackley Crematorium 15th June 2017. 

Thank you card: "Thank you so much Trish for the service you provided recently for my beloved partner Tony Baker. You made our grieving a little easier with your fantastic, upbeat personality. I will never forget how you made it a great "City" service. Many thanks Jacky & Tony's family." Tony Baker, Hollinwood Crematorium 19th April 2017. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, I know I have already thanked you, but I wanted to send you this card to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job of Tim's service. I really do feel like you captured his spirit. During the service I saw him in my mind dancing with you. You really have touched my life because when you did my dad's funeral you also did a wonderful job of capturing his spirit too. You are a special lady. All my love Amy." Tim Smedley, Rochdale Crematorium 22nd June 2017. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the lovely service you gave on 11th May for my mum. It was respectful but down to earth, just what she would have chosen. Thank you too for your help and kindness during the sad and stressful time before the funeral. Your calmness and friendly personality made me feel we were in safe hands and all would be well. With kind regards Stephanie." Jean Hall, Blackley Crematorium 11th May 2017. 

Email: "Dear Trish, I would just like to thank you on behalf of us all for helping to make such a sad day so beautiful. I had a feeling "someone" was looking after us as I stood outside mum's little house, taking in the brilliant sunshine and all the falling blossoms blowing in the fresh breeze...I was particularly taken with your words on laughter and tears, and your readings of the J.M. Barrie quote, and Debbie's tribute - you brought out all its warmth, affection and wry wit. Perfect. I lost count of the number of people praising your service afterwards, for its warmth, dignity, respect and humour.. Thank you with all my heart. John." Catherine Havelock, Rochdale Crematorium 4th May 2017. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, I am writing this note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful way you conducted the Celebration of Life Service at Rochdale Crematorium on the 11th April in memory of my husband Harold. All members of our family have also asked me to express their thanks. Many people at the service have since asked me if you had met him as you spoke of him as a friend. You also gave me a copy of the service and the pictures you included within the text were a great illustration to add to the wording, and some really did make me smile. Thank you once again for your excellent ministration and all your comforting words. Yours sincerely, Lynne."  Harold Kilburn, Rochdale Crematorium 11th April 2017. 

Thank you card: "To Trish, We just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your warm kindness as we said our farewell to our mum. You were sincere, polite and professional which made the celebration so nice. All our family members and friends had lovely things to say about you. Thanks again, Kind Regards, Pat, Margaret, Michael & Kathleen." Edith Gilbert, Hollinwood Crematorium 24th March 2017. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Words are not enough to thank you for Thursday. We knew Bob was a popular, lovable man but the turn out was astonishing. Thanks to you he had the most memorable party ever, you had him there amongst us. I'm told even people outside were clapping and joining in. Alongside my Bob you were the talk of the club and everybody wants to be sent on their journey by you....but not just yet! Many thanks for the beautiful service for my Bob. Wishing you a long and happy life. Pauline Hill and Family." Bob Hill, Rochdale Crematorium 16th February 2017. 

Thank you card: "Trish, Just a short note to say what a lovely service you gave for our mum last week. Your words were spot on and very much appreciated. Everyone enjoyed your 'Winnie the Pooh' tributes and we will remember the occasion with fondness., Love from Hilary & Andy & family." Marion Fitton, Middleton Crematorium 27th January 2017. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Thank you so much for the lovely service you gave for my dad. It was perfect for him and everyone commented on how lovely it was. Thank you again for the compassion you showed towards us, it was all much appreciated." Rachel Hutton (Ian's daughter). Ian Taylor, Rochdale Crematorium 13th January 2017.  

Thank you card: "To Trish, Your kindness means so much, thank you for a lovely service, we loved the poem. Everything was beautiful. Thank you again. Love Kath." Janet Kershaw, Agecroft Crematorium 16th January 2017. 

Thank you card: "To Trish, Thank you for the wonderful service for Hilary, everything was perfect." June & Kel Hayes. Hilary Shenton, Hollinwood Crematorium 28th November 2016. 

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, On behalf of my family please accept our sincere thanks for the wonderful and caring ceremony you conducted for our mother Jean Samuels . It was a beautiful service and indeed a celebration of Jean's life. Many thanks and God Bless, Danita De Vault." Jean Samuels, East Lancs Crematorium 17th November 2016. 

Thank you card: "Trish, You did a brilliant job at Angela's funeral. Everybody said what a good funeral that Angela had, and if she'd have been there she would have enjoyed it. You put people at ease and made them laugh and not cry. As the card says "You made our Day" from Brenda & Terry. Angela Woodhead, Rochdale Crematorium 21st July 2016.  

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Me and my family appreciated all that you did for us. You are one of those people that make the world a better place. You wouldn't believe the lovely comments about you that we have had. All I can say is THANK YOU from our heart. Melvyn would have been proud. Yours sincerely, Pat King." Melvyn King, Crown Chapel & Skipton Crematorium 3rd March 2016. 

Thank you card: "Dear Rev Patricia, I hope I did not overstep the mark when I hugged you after the service for my husband Tony. I was overcome with emotion and elation that the service had been so superb and had been experienced by so many of our friends, neighbours and family. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, we really did give him a "good send off", God Bless, Jean & Eamonn." Tony Giblin, East Lancashire Crematorium 25th February 2016. 

Thank you card: "Dear Reverend Tidy, We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your conducting the service for Ted on Friday - it all came together so beautifully - a very fitting tribute - planned so carefully with us on the Monday before when you were so comforting and reassuring at such a difficult time for us. Thank you so much, Yours sincerely Joyce, Rachel & Nick." Edward Atherton, West Chapel, Overdale Crematorium, Bolton 15th January 2016.

Thank you card: "Dear Patricia, On behalf of all Blanche Henshaw's children may I thank you for conducting her funeral service so beautifully. We all agreed (including my cousins who are deeply involved in the Methodist Church} that your service was deeply moving and filled with hope for the future. Our most sincere thanks, Syl, Tony, Phil and Barbara."

Email from Florida: "Dear Patricia, I would like to add my thanks to Barbara's for the way you celebrated our mother Blanche's life with us last Tuesday. If I had to design the perfect person to be with us as we said our goodbyes to mum, you would be that person. Your intelligence, understanding and gentle humour were just what we all needed." Blanche Henshaw, Middleton Crematorium 15th December 2015. 

Email: "Hi Trish, Margaret and I wanted to thank you again, most sincerely, for your welcome and eulogy at my mother's funeral last Friday. They really could not have been any better. As well as personal memories, reflections and sentiments, your words of comfort were, just that, comforting. The whole service was beautifully balanced. Everyone who went to her wake afterwards commented upon how good the service and your words were. And as a result, they and we, thought that mum had a really special and fitting send off. We feel that a weight has been eased. The kindest of regards, Paul & Margaret." Dorothy Guy, Rochdale Crematorium 4th December 2015.

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated the service that you gave at our mum's funeral. Everyone who attended said how appropriate the service and selected readings that you gave were. The finishing touch of the copy of the service was especially appreciated. Many thanks, Kind Regards Barbara & Neil." Lilian Robinson, Hollinwood Crematorium 12th November 2015. 

Thank you card: "Rev Trish, thank you for such a lovely celebration of Jackie's life service, although it was a very sad time for us your service also made it very uplifting. We all came away from the service feeling "that is just how I want to go". So once again. Thank you, and don't forget "just look at my ****hair! Maureen." Jackie Barlow, East Lancashire Crematorium 8th September 2015. 

Thank you card: "Dear Patricia, Roger and I would like to say a huge thank you for the lovely service you gave for Derek Miles on Wednesday 9th September at the East Lancs Crematorium. Your words were deeply moving and so sincere. Everyone, although we were few in number, but Derek's nearest and dearest, said what a beautiful service it was. Thanks again for all the thought and care that were in your words. Roger & Diane Miles." Derek Miles, East Lancs Crematorium 9th September 2015.

Thank you card: "Dear Reverend Tidy, Just a note to say thank you very much for helping us to celebrate the life of my father, Eric Balm, at his funeral on Monday. You really went the extra mile and put a lot of thought into your words, choosing a particularly appropriate reading for him at the end of the service. A lot of people commented on how pleasant the service was. Thank you again, Gillian & Steve Arnold & Family." Eric Balm, Hollinwood Crematorium 3rd August 2015.

Thank you card and chocolates: "Trish, Please know that you made dad's celebration of life service a very special time for his family and friends. Everyone said "the service was beautiful". We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Here is a small gift for you to enjoy. God Bless you Trish. Kind Regards, Raymond's family." Raymond O'Neill, Rochdale Crematorium 31st July 2015. 

Email: "Hi Trish, hope that you are well. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for conducting the service for Veronica recently. Your kind words and clear delivery made the reflection clear to all, and for me personally painted a mental picture of happy times, hopefully imparting the same to others in attendance. Whilst obviously a sad and emotional time, I could not have wished for a better reflection/celebration of a number of Veronica's attributes and outlook. Once again thank you for making the service something that I can smile and reflect on in the future for all the right reasons. Kindest Regards Richard." Veronica Lee, Hollinwood Crematorium 17th July 2015. 

Thank you card & Flowers: "Trish, we can't thank you enough for the service you gave. Your personality reflected our mum in every single way. Under the circumstances we couldn't have wished for a better service, and that is testament to you. Thank you Richard & Christopher." Christine Ollerton, Hollinwood Crematorium 7th January 2015 & Burial of Ashes 6th March 2015.

Delivery of Flowers: "Trish, thank you so much for your lovely service and kind words. It was much appreciated and needed at this time. Everyone has commented how lovely it was. Kind Regards Jim, June & Jannine's children." Jannine Collett, Blackley Crematorium 23rd February 2015.

Thank you card: "A great big thank you for making my husbands funeral a really good one. All said how good you were and put a few giggles in us. Thank you again Linda & family." John Mitchell, Hollinwood Crematorium 2nd February 2015.

Thank you card: "I just thought I would write you a little note to say thank you so much for the lovely service you gave for our mum. We have managed to fulfill all her wishes and everyone who came passed comment on the lovely service. Thank you very much. Margaret." Beryl Walker, Rochdale Crematorium 27th January 2015.

Flowers & Thank you note: "Thank you for easing a difficult occasion in your own very special way. My auntie Muriel will have been enthralled by your words, as we were. Love Anne & family." Muriel Roberts, Rochdale Crematorium 15th December 2014.

Thank you card: "The family would like to thank you for the wonderful service at Oldham Crem on 24th October for Dan Lyons. You brought him to life one more time with your thoughtful words and everybody had a true feeling of Dan's character, it really helped us to get through one of the most difficult and emotional days of our lives. Thank you from all the family." Dan Lyons, Hollinwood Crematorium 24th October 2014.

Letter and water-colour print of Rochdale Parish Church: "Dear Patricia. I write to thank you most sincerely for the superb service you gave for Peter on Friday. It was quite a send-off and I know his family and friends will remember it for a long time to come. Please accept this small token of appreciation, Wendy." Peter Sunderland, Rochdale Crematorium 17th October 2014.

Thank you card: "Words fail me to express my thanks enough for the way you gently sent mum on her way to rest on Monday. All present expressed the same sentiments, a Celebration of mum's life, with love, respect and that touch of humour. Thank you. That remains forever, not just in our memories but in the thoughtful print-out of the 'Celebration' of mum you did. You are a special lady, these few words are on behalf of all our family. Love and thanks Derek & Crystal." Norah Dimond, Charnock Richard Crematorium 13th October 2014.

Thank you card: "Dear Rev Tidy, Just a card to thank you for a very moving and considerate service for my husband George last week. You were able to pass on all the feelings of love and caring for all the family. Once again, thank you ever so much, Yours Maureen." George Wakefield, Middleton Crematorium 27th August 2014.

Email: "Hello Trish, Thank you for the wonderful service you delivered yesterday at Bill's service. My mum was very pleased with the service and in particular for your input. The world needs more open minded Interfaith Ministers like you to unify communities! Once again, many thanks for your work. Kind Regards Carol (Joan's eldest daughter)." Bill Humphrey, Hollinwood Crematorium 8th July 2014.

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, Thank you very much for helping us to make our tribute to Peter so great. Your warmth and compassion made the service very special, and you managed to capture his personality and strength of character perfectly. We will always be very grateful to you for this lasting memory. With love and best wishes from Lynette, Amy, Samantha, Lisa and the rest of the family X." Peter Bevan, Rochdale Crematorium 27th June 2014.

Thank you card: "Trish, we wanted to thank you for the perfect service you lead when Ian sadly passed. You only met us once but you absolutely "GOT" Ian and us, and knew exactly what he was about. Your kind words and prayers made a very difficult day that little bit more bearable. You truly are a lovely person, with enormous amounts of empathy and understanding. We are all very grateful for your guidance and presence, especially the children. With love and grateful thanks, Joe, James, Bethany, Lisa & Sarah. God Bless you always." Ian Summers, Hollinwood Crematorium 9th June 2014.

Thank you card: "Trish, I haven't got the words to say what yesterday meant to me, Deborah and my family. Thank you for your care and compassion, and the beautiful service. Love and best wishes Suzanne." Deborah Harrison, Agecroft Crematorium 19th June 2014.

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, We would like to thank you for the wonderful service you did for Beryl/Mum. It was truly wonderful and very fitting. Thank You, Alan James Kerr, Wendy, Karen, Sally & families." Beryl Kerr, Hollinwood Crematorium 11th June 2014.

Thank you card from Bath: "Dear Trish, I wanted to thank you for your excellent professional services in conducting my mother's funeral on 17th April. You were perceptive and considerate, and through your expertese, enabled the service to be freely bespoke. It encapsulated our wishes beautifully, and your comments read as if you knew her well. Myself and my entire family appreciated your insightful care at a time that was difficult for us. With gratitude, Brenda King." Nancy Nye, St Helen's Crematorium 17th April 2014.

Email: "Hi Trish, Now that I have got my head together can I say a heartfelt huge THANK YOU for making mums funeral something special. I can't tell you just how many texts and phone calls I received saying it was the best funeral they had ever been to.  Trish you made it special, it was as though you really knew mum and you had the knack of reading the people who attended and judged the mood and got it 1000% right. I can't thank you enough for making this day easier to get through and I know mum would have loved it. 'Rockin all over the World' has ensured that whenever it is played they will think of mum. And just when I thought it was perfect your booklet made it very, very special. Once again Trish. Thank You. With love Maureen." Annie Skillander, Agecroft Crematorium 6th March 2014.

Thank you card from New Zealand: "Dear Trish, we just wanted to send you a little "thank you" note for your comforting words you did for my mum's funeral. Also to thank you for comforting my daughter Georgina during her speech.  It was lovely to meet you and if you are ever over here do please visit us! Kind Regards, Carolyn and Georgina Sewell." Kathleen Mary Howarth, Rochdale Crematorium 16th January 2014.

Thank you card: "To Rev Trish Tidy, a belated thank you for your administrations at the service for Maureen. We realise how much work you did to find out details of Maureen as you had never been able to meet the family beforehand. We all thought your address was excellent and just right for the occasion. We appreciated and found comfort in your words. Thank you from all the family." Maureen Ann Beaman, Memorial Service, Crompton Cemetery, Shaw. 22nd January 2014.

Thank you card: "Dear Trish, On behalf of all my family I wanted to thank you with all my heart for your kind and comforting service on Monday. Everyone who attended commented how lovely the service was. It was warm, peaceful and perfect for my dad, I know he would have nodded his quiet approval. The copies of the service were a very welcome surprise ~ they are wonderful! As we move slowly forward it means a lot to us that the day went so well and it will be lovely to look back and read the service again, as you tend to miss so much on the day when things are a little fuzzy. So Trish, once again, thank you so much. We are very glad we met you ~ you are a truly lovely person. Kay" Bert Watson, East Lancs Crematorium  6th January 2014.